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We hope you are well. Please see below some updates from Kirklees UNISON:


Kirklees UNISON would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all our members for the work they are doing to help us get through the Covid-19 pandemic – whatever your role. This week we would like to say a special thanks to those members working in schools, providing education in the most challenging of circumstances. On Friday 27 November UNISON is celebrating the unsung heroes of education – the support staff who are ‘Stars in our Schools’. The pandemic means we can’t celebrate the event in the way we would like but you can still take part. If you nominate a colleague who goes above and beyond you’ll enter a prize draw to win a £25 voucher for them and for yourself in time for Christmas. Anyone can nominate a star – you don’t have to work in a school yourself. See here for more details:


Thank you to all those members who took part in the recent pay claim survey for those covered by NJC bargaining arrangements. A majority of members voted in favour of a 10% pay claim and this has been fed back to UNISON’s NJC committee. The full results of the survey were as follows:

22.5% of those voting favoured a claim for a 5% increase or £10 per hour, whichever is the greater

20% of those voting favoured a claim for an 8% increase or £10 per hour, whichever is the greater

57.5% of those voting favoured a claim for a 10% increase (a repeat of the claim for 2020)

Please watch out for further updates on pay in the coming weeks and months and see here for comment on recent reports that the Chancellor may be about to impose a pay cap on most public sector workers


Last month we highlighted a recent legal case that UNISON had won on behalf of care workers whose pay had fallen below the National Minimum Wage due to them not being paid in respect of travelling/waiting time between appointments (see here: We have now identified at least one case in Kirklees where we believe the law has been breached and we are supporting the affected member with this. If you work in the care sector and are paid at, or near to, the National Minimum Wage and are not being paid for travel and waiting time between appointments then please contact the branch for advice and support.


UNISON is aware that many of our members have suffered a deterioration in their mental health as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects. If you are struggling at work then you may wish to check what support is available through your employer as many of them have “Employee Assistance” programmes where you can access counselling and other support. If you and feel that your employer is not supporting you then you can also contact the branch for advice and support.

In addition to support in dealing with workplace issues, UNISON also has a range of mental health-related learning resources. You can find more information here:


If financial difficulties are an issue for you at the moment please be aware that you can contact UNISON’s Charity, There For You, for support ( In some circumstances you may be eligible for financial support and There For You has recently re-opened its Covid-19 response fund which offers grants of up to £500 to help members whose household incomes have been affected in any of the following ways:

  • You and/or your partner are currently furloughed
  • You and/or your partner are currently receiving Statutory Sick Pay and are either shielding, self-isolating or off sick due to other COVID-related reasons
  • You and/or your partner have been made redundant or lost your job due to coronavirus
  • You and/or your partner’s employer have reduced your working hours, including loss of regular overtime (applicable also where partner is self-employed and loss of earnings can be proven)

Please note that applicants must be a UNISON member with savings of less than £2,500 and have paid at least two months’ subscriptions.

For full details, please visit:


Our members working for Kirklees Council can now ring us on the internal telephone system by dialling extension 70212, you can also find us on Skype under Unison Office (select the one with a green circle and a tick next to it). All members can still continue to ring us on 01484 511826 or contact us by email at


For those members who want to check the branch lottery results then you find them on the Facebook page along with other useful information. See here:


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