Press Release


21 JANUARY 2021

Keyworkers threatened with dismissal if they do not give up their annual leave.

Support workers caring for children, young people and adults with profound and multiple disabilities have been threatened with dismissal by their employer, Hollybank Trust.

The frontline staff who work across West and South Yorkshire have been told they will be dismissed unless they agree to substantial changes to their contracts. Hollybank Trust, who provides residential, therapy, enrichment and educational services to children, young people and adults, wants to cut the annual leave and contracted hours of its workforce, which would see already low paid support workers losing out financially.

UNISON Area Organiser Sarah Keig said:

This is no way to treat staff who have given their all during the pandemic. Cruel cuts such as these are outrageous at any time but to do so now after everything that they have done, during the pandemic, is astonishing.

Hollybank seems to have forgotten that only a few months ago the entire country was applauding the efforts of all key workers. This is not the time to be treating dedicated support staff with such contempt. UNISON members have told me that they feel bullied and pressurised into agreeing these cuts, which include over 130 members of staff each having 7 days annual leave taken away from them. Staff will be expected to work longer for less. These changes are specifically targeting the longest serving members of staff. Many will be forced to leave their jobs causing anxiety and disruption to the children, young people and adults that they work so hard to support. Staff are distraught at the impact these changes could have on the many vulnerable people so reliant on the care that they provide. What is even more frustrating is that there is no financial reason to justify these cuts. Hollybank must see sense and think again.”

Staff are determined to fight these changes with the support of their trade union UNISON.


For more information contact Sarah Keig (Area Organiser)

Tel. 07961 475576    Email.