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Dear Member
We hope you are well. Please find below some updates from the branch.

Reopening of Schools/Colleges To All Pupils

As schools and colleges re-open again to the full cohort of students we know this is a nervous time for many of our members. If you work in education please remember that there is a wealth of advice available at

All our members, wherever you are, have the right to feel safe at work and if you believe that your employer is putting your health at risk by not implementing rigorous Covid-19 measures then please contact either your local workplace rep or the branch office on 01484 456945 for advice and support.

NJC Pay Claim – Email Your Councillor

The NJC pay claim for local government workers (including those working in the vast majority of schools and academies) was submitted last month. After keeping the country going throughout the pandemic – which itself came after a decade of cuts – now, more than ever, is the time for a decent pay rise. The union has produced an online tool which can be used to generate an email that will go to your local councillors making clear the key points of our pay campaign. You don’t have to be a member to use the tool. Please encourage friends, family and colleagues to send an email to support the pay claim. The link can be found here:

Monthly Pay (FAO Council/School Employees Still on 4-weekly Pay)

For those members who opted to stay on 4-weekly pay last year, the Council will have written to you asking whether you wish to move onto monthly pay. Please note that you only need to reply to the letter you will have received if you wish to change your pay arrangements as this year’s is an ‘opt-in’ exercise rather than an ‘opt-out’. The Council clearly has a view that monthly pay has many benefits but it is important, if you are thinking of changing over to monthly pay, that this is the right decision for you as an individual. It was recognised last year that Universal Credit payments can increase/decrease depending which pay frequency you are on and your own personal circumstances. You can visit to get further advice and calculate your benefit entitlements if this affects you.

Women’s Meeting

The next branch Women’s meeting is at 4.00pm on Monday 22nd March. The meeting will take place over zoom. If you are interested in attending please contact the branch office on 01484 456945 to request the link sending to you.

UN Anti-Racism Day – National Day of Action

20th March 2021 is UN Anti-Racism Day. This event will be marked with an online national rally with speakers representing the broad alliance of communities and organisations that make up the anti-racist movement. Final details are to be confirmed but there is more information here:

Getting More Active Within the Union

The branch has recruited a number of new stewards and health and safety reps throughout the pandemic and we are keen to hear from anyone else who might be interested in becoming a UNISON workplace representative. There are a range of roles available and more information can be found here:

or by calling the branch office. Full training is provided (which is taking place remotely at the moment) and, if you are employed by one of the many organisations which “recognises” UNISON, you would get paid time-off to carry out your role as well as to attend training.

Contacting the Branch

The branch now has a new telephone number, members can contact us on 01484 456945 you can also email us on

With best wishes

Kirklees UNISON